The Route:

1. Depart from Post Retief Country Club S32 29 16.6 E26 31 28.7
2. Follow gravel road to Queenstown via De Waals Kloof 19.5 km
3. Turn left on top of Katberg and continue 2.7 km to R357 Devils Bellow road and turn left.
4.  Continue 18.4 km on the “Ruitjies” to a T-junction: Right Queenstown – left Tarkastad/Bottelgat:  Turn left travel +-500m to security boom-gate.  Travel past the Thrift Farm Dam, finest flatwater trout fishing in South Africa (don’t tell anyone).
5. Continue 33.1 km till you reach a turnoff to your left at Fairview.
6. Continue 17.7 km till you reach Spring Valley, where you must turn Right.
7. Follow the road through the Baviaans till you get to the Farm Glen Lyden, 57.8 km.
8. Turn left on to Tar, 26.2 km to Bedford.
9. Refuel in Bedford.
10. Continue on Tar from Bedford to Adelaide.
11. After 8.7 km, turn left on gravel road to The Mill Cricket Grounds.
12. Arrive at The Mill Cricket Grounds after 5.7km – LUNCH.
13. Backtrack on gravel road and then continue 10.9 km to Tar.
14. Turn left to Adelaide 9 km.
15. In Adelaide turn left at first Stop.
16. Turn right at first street.
17. Enter roundabout and exit third Exit.
18. Turn left at first street.
19. Continue with this road to Post Retief 48.5 km.
20. Arrive at Post Retief Country Club.